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Install Binaries

The installation of the binaries

If you want to install VCE on a machine you simply need to select the corresponding binary that runs on your platform. For instance, if you own a 64-bit machine running Linux you need to ftp the Linux_x86_64 binary.

Always download the latest version! Identify the binary in directory vce6/bin that is appropriate for your computer. Thus, if you use a Linux machine on Intel 32 bit hardware, vce-Linux-x86_32-fortran-6.0.2 is for you. This will also run on 64 bit hardware at exactly the same speed as the 64 version (vce-Linux-x86_64)-gfortran-6.0.2 .
The only advantage of the latter is, that more than 3GB of RAM can be accessed in one VCE run.

If you work on a (yet) not supported platform and have a Fortran90 compiler please get in contact with me (email:

The bin directory on the ftp server holds something like the following entries:

Remember to always pick the latest version, i.e. the one with the highest release number!

You should move the file to a position in the file system where every user has read access and that is also in the search path. On UNIX systems a logical place would be /usr/local/bin. If you do not have root access ask your system administrator.
Next you may want to make a link to the generic name vce:

   ln -s vce-Linux-x86_64-gfortran-6.0.2   vce6
Now you should have the binary vce. You can test immediately if the binaries run on your machine by invoking:

  *                     VCE-6                                       *
  *                 version 6.0.2                                *
  *            05-Nov-2008 @ 09:16:31                  *
  *             Linux-x86_64-gfortran                      *
  *                  written by                                   *
  *       Milena Kovac, Eildert Groeneveld           *
  *           and Alberto Garcia-Cortez                  *
VCE [help] pfile funk
Then you should be in business.